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Eminent Electronics specialize in advice, supply, installation, electrical maintenance and fault finding. 

Cees Bouter is a registered electrician and a heat pump installation specialist. His work also includes, amongst many other things, installing and servicing automated calf feeding machines and fault finding.

Cees takes pride in his work and has a passion for what he does. He is driven to help people and strives to make a personal connection with each of his clients. He has a positive reputation and believes in word of mouth as a successful way to advertise. People appreciate how he goes the extra mile for his clients. He provides good, honest and reliable services.


Electrical Maintenance and fault finding

Heat Pump Installation

Industrial Electrical

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Cees Bouter

Cees Bouter lived in the Netherlands working with glasshouse heating systems before immigrating to New Zealand in 1987. He then worked in refrigeration for two years and helped his father service and install electronic church organs for the brand Eminent Organs. Cees started the business before becoming a qualified electrician, and seeing as he worked primarily with electronics it became eminent electronics. He started this while working for a company servicing fax machines and photo copiers. Eminent Electronics became an official name (LTD) in 1998. 

He has since worked on many big glass house projects in Bombay and Drury installing and servicing climate control computers, irrigation systems and heating. He also regularly installs and services automated calf feeding machines around the country for the company Bell-booth, and enjoys installing heat pumps. 

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