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Introducing into New Zealand the Cantate 240R  (Arrived!!!!!)

Content Organs is one of the leading digital Organ manufacturers based in The Netherlands.

Content presents Churches, Institutions, Conservatories, Music schools and private end users a wide choice in digital classical organs. Over the decades innovation, quality and excellent craftsmanship with respect to tradition have created a strong brand image. Many years of experience, a healthy solvability and a dedicated worldwide distributor network and trained employees are the backbone of the Content Organ Company. Our organs meet the needs of the demanding organist on all continents of the globe and bring inspiration to musicians and listeners alike.

Cantate 240 (R)


Demo extravoice on the Cantate 240(R)

By Aart van de Beek.

Recorded live at the factory in Ermelo in the Netherlands on 11-12-2012

For information  contact : Cees Bouter     mobile : 027- 4905387

Email : cees@content-organs.co.nz    or : cees@eminent.co.nz